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Welcome to DU 2.0

We are so excited to see you here on our new website! We have designed it with you in mind; making it easy to navigate and interact with so that you can find everything you need to develop an amazing Astronomy program for your learners.

This new website is an injection of fresh energy and a bit of a rebranding, but it’s also heralding what we’ve been calling “DU 2.0”.

You’ll notice that our regular Workshops are modified and are now comprised of a series of short videos you can easily digest. During workshop weeks, Julie (our Executive Director) will hold office hours to meet with anyone who has questions.

Our webinars may be a little less frequent than usual, but this is to ensure that they are relevant, poignant, and entirely focused on engaging your students.

Being live on stream less often means we’ll have more time to focus on creating new content for you! We now have a part-time employee, Lindsay Mann, who will be taking care of the new website, social media feeds, and staying in touch with our partners across Canada.

Additionally, we will be working in close collaboration with other team members at the Dunlap Institute to create new video content for our YouTube page.

Julie will be consulting with teachers and astronomers to develop new Teacher’s Educational Guides for you to download and use however you see fit.

We’re thrilled to see all these ‘behind-the-scenes’ projects come to life!

As we continue to develop content and update our programming, we’d love to hear from you! I

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns about the website, newsletters, or social media, please contact Lindsay at

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns about content, programs, or astronomy in general, please contact Julie at


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