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successes and updates

We are really excited to share our recent successes with you!

Discover the Universe was able to launch our Astro at Home program within a day of the national shut-down due to Covid-19. We ran 11 weeks of astronomy education programming geared towards kids aged 8-12 as a means of support for kids learning from home.

One hundred and two sessions later, we are pleased to share that our videos have more than 100k views, with hundreds of families who joined us live every day!

If you’re curious about these sessions, they’re all recorded and gathered on YouTube. Go watch some now!

Another piece of amazing news to share is that our Executive Director, Julie Bolduc-Duval was recognized by Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) with the Qilak Award for Astronomy Communications, Public Education and Outreach.

Julie was recognized for her important contributions to formal and informal astronomy education in Canada over the past decade. Under Julie’s passionate guidance, Discover the Universe has reached thousands of educators from elementary school through university in both French and English. Due to the uncompromising bilingual approach, Julie has educated people around the world, and has impacted the education of countless children. We couldn’t be more proud of her efforts.

Typically, CASCA presents their awards in person during their Conference, but this year everything was held online. As such, you can watch Julie’s acceptance speech and learn a bit more about Discover the Universe. Check it out here.

Finally, we’re so pleased to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Heidi White! Heidi is an astronomer who is finishing up her PhD in Astronomy at the University of Toronto. She’ll be working with us part-time on developing new teaching modules.

Stay tuned for more information on new downloadable content for your classroom!


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