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This Sunday Nov.3, there will be a partial solar eclipse visible in Eastern Canada. You will need to get up early because the sun rises around 6:30am already at maximum eclipse. In the Altantic and Quebec, between 20% and 40% of the sun will be covered by the moon, while in Toronto this number goes down to  11%. The eclipse will end at about 7:15am so the sun will remain low on the horizon for the whole eclipse (less than 5 degrees altitude). You will really need a clear eastern horizon to see it. Times mentioned here are Eastern Standard Time – don’t forget we go back to Standard Time during the night from Saturday to Sunday!

For specific details for your city, I recommend this document covering all provinces where the eclipse will be visible. It also contains diagrams of the eclipse for different locations. I also found this site which shows an animation of the eclipse for Montreal (you can change the city).

But even better, you can use Stellarium, or another planetarium software,  to simulate the view from where you live!

IMPORTANT! Remember that it is very dangerous to look at the sun without proper protection, even when it is very low on the horizon. You can use eclipse glasses (NOT standard sunglasses), appropriate filters on a telescope or a projection method. Sky and Telscope has a section on how to safely observe solar eclipses.


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