September 7th, 2015


Fall 2015 will be busy for Discover the Universe. On top of our regular programming, we are busy working on new projects and planning for our improved program in 2016. In the meantime, check out these great webinars coming up. And remember: all our activities are free and are also offered in French!

September 15th – Webinar on the lunar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse will be visible across Canada on the evening of September 27th. During this webinar, we will explain eclipses in general as well as provide observing tips for this particular eclipse. We will also offer resources and activity ideas to do with your students or visitors. Tuesday September 15th at 2pm (eastern) – 11am (pacific)  Details >>>

October 6th – Webinar « Pluto and the New Horizons mission »

Were you amazed at the beautiful pictures of Pluto this summer? Do you have questions about this mission and would like to know the main details without having to go through the websites yourself? We’re here to help! This webinar will give you an overview of this successful mission and will tell you what to look for in the next few months and years (it’s not over yet!). Plus, we will have a special guest: Frederic Pelletier, engineer and navigator for the New Horizons probe will join us to discuss his work. Tuesday October 6th at 2pm (eastern) – 11am (pacific) Details >>>

November 4th : Webinar «Light pollution and its effects»

We continue our celebration of the International Year of Light with a webinar on light pollution.  It’s easy to notice how artificial lights are affecting our view of the night sky. Recent studies have also shown that light pollution has negative impacts on animals, plants and even ourselves. For this webinar, we are pleased to welcome two guest speakers: Roland Dechesne from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and Dr. Phil Langill from the University of Calgary. They will provide you with the latest information on light pollution and how you can be part of the solution! November 4th 2015 Details >>>

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