Workshop for teachers 2013

September 30 to October 18



Is astronomy part of your school curriculum but you feel uncomfortable teaching it to your students? Would you like to feel more confident and better prepared to answer the many questions your students may have?

If so, then this workshop is for you!

Discover the Universe offers an online astronomy workshop especially designed for teachers. From September 30th  to October 18th 2013, you will discover fascinating topics in astronomy, all connected to your school curriculum. The main part of the workshop will be a weekly one-hour videochat (webinar). This webinar will be at a fixed time but a recording will be available for those who cannot participate live. You can then easily include this workshop in your busy schedule! This workshop may also require up to 2-3 hours every week spent on research, reading or completing the recommended activities. The only requirements are a high speed internet connection and a set of speakers or headphones for your computer.

Added Sept. 11: The webinars will be on Thursdays at 7:30pm EDT - 4:30pm PDT. Can't make it at that time? Don't worry! You can watch the recording and still get all the benefits of the workshop!

Who is it for?

The topics covered in the workshop are found in the pan-Canadian grade 6 curriculum. Since every province adapts this curriculum to their own needs, we invite interested teachers from grades 5 through 8 to join us. The main topics covered during the workshop are:
  • the sky and the constellations;
  • motions of the Earth and the seasons;
  • Moon phases and eclipses;
  • the solar system.

Astronomy is a vast subject and it would be impossible to cover entirely in a few hours! This workshop will help you gain more confidence teaching astronomy and know where to get more resources.

At the end of this workshop you will... 

  • be more familiar with many astronomical topics in your school curriculum;
  • have interesting activities ready to use in class;
  • have access to teaching material adapted to your class;
  • be more familiar with the sky through observations made during this workshop;
  • have discovered some tricks and tips which will help you teach astronomy;
  • overall feel better equipped to teach this fascinating subject to your students!

And the best part - this workshop is completely free!

View a printable version of this publicity (PDF). 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our coordinator, Julie Bolduc-Duval, at We will be happy to answer your questions!

This workshop will also be offered in French

NOTE: Some people seem to be experiencing problems registering for our workshops. While we investigate the problem, we invite you to use another browser. This seems to fix the problem for many (for example, Google Chrome seems to work better than Internet Explorer). Thank you. 

Unfortunately, this training is complete. Feel free to register for our upcoming training.