Connect your classroom with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope


We are happy to partner with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope to offer the possibility to Canadian teachers to connect their classroom with an astronomer live in Hawaii.   


Your classroom will connect for a 1-hr web conference with an astronomer from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT). You will hear about the CFHT, the research being done and how Canada is contributing to this telescope. Furthermore, your students will get the chance to ask questions directly to the astronomer. 

The number of web conferences we can accommodate throughout the year is limited. Therefore, we invite interested teachers to submit their name for the application process. Priority will be given to schools in underserved communities, located far from any astronomy expertise (university, college...).

This opportunity is available to classrooms between grade 5 and grade 12

To host a web conference, your classroom must have access to this equipment:
  • computer with high-speed internet access;
  • projector, so everyone can see the presenter;
  • microphone and camera, either on your computer or separate. 

  • If you are interested, please fill out the form to submit your application before the deadline of October 15th 2016 - new date!
  • A selection committee, formed by members of Discover the Universe and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, will review the applications.
  • If your classroom is selected, you will receive information to book a date/time with the CFHT team and how to connect with them.


Please note that the CFHT is located in a different time zone. When it's 10am in Ottawa, it's only 4am or 5am in Hawaii, depending on the time of the year. Therefore, the web conference would most likely be scheduled early afternoon Eastern time or late morning/early afternoon Pacific time. 

French immersion class? Check out this offer in French!

Contact Mary Beth Laychak (CFHT) or Julie Bolduc-Duval (Discover the Universe).