Program designed in partnership with the Canadian Astronomical Society, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the Federation des astronomes amateurs du Quebec.

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Webinar: The TMT and the Canadian contribution The next generation of telescopes will have mirrors [...]
Webinar: Landing on a comet! On November 12th 2014, the European Space Agency made [...]
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Under the Living Skies Wonderful to see such diversity of non-celestial bodies. [...]
dans General discussion
par Nancy Carswell
Marjorie Since I was a girl I loved looking upward, especially [...]
dans General discussion
par Marjorie Kildare
North Vancouver Participant I am a physicist who teaches a 1st year university [...]
dans General discussion
par Stanley Greenspoon
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Schedule Fall 2014 Discover the Universe activities are back after the [...]
2014-09-14 00:00
Spring 2014 schedule Discover the Universe has online training continuing [...]
2014-03-07 00:00
Partial solar eclipse - November 3rd 2013 This Sunday Nov.3, there will be a partial solar eclipse [...]
2013-10-31 09:29
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