Program designed in partnership with the Canadian Astronomical Society, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the Federation des astronomes amateurs du Quebec.

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Workshop for teachers - Winter 2016 Is astronomy part of your school curriculum but you feel uncomfortable teaching [...]
Astronomy news and 2016 preview This webinar will allow you to learn about the important astronomy events which [...]
Webinar: Light pollution and its effects We continue our celebration of the International Year of Light with a webinar [...]
Webinar: Pluto and the New Horizons mission July 14th 2015 was a historic day for the exploration of the Solar system. For [...]
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Discover the Universe goes international! Discover the Universe is proud to offer an international workshop for teachers, [...]
2015-09-08 18:04
Schedule - Fall 2015 Fall 2015 will be busy for Discover the Universe. On top of our regular programming, [...]
2015-09-07 00:00
Schedule Fall 2014 Discover the Universe activities are back after the summer break. Remember: [...]
2014-09-14 00:00
Spring 2014 schedule Discover the Universe has online training continuing in 2014. Some of these [...]
2014-03-07 00:00
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